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A Commitment to
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At Atelius, we are deeply committed to creating a better future for our society and those we transact with. We believe that social and environmental responsibility are not simply buzzwords, but core values that drive every aspect of our business, guiding our decisions, practices, and partnerships.

Find out more below about the central tenets to our ethos and what makes Atelius a company worth partnering with.

"We're in this for profit and for purpose. Let's not aim at one goal whilst forgoing the other, and in doing so we can utilise the benefit of business transactions for our society and planet."

An Appreciation OF


There is something about entering an interior space that has been thoughtfully curated with design cohesion. At Atelius we work closely with the interior design trade to supply product materials that bring design ideas into fruition. As part of our efforts to appease the desires of our trade clients, the feedback they provide has become an integral part of our product development process as we bridge the gap between current demand and manufacture.

From both timeless looks to the latest trends, we take pride in sourcing quality materials from boutique and artisan manufacturers. Across our collections you’ll find products made from composite, natural and reclaimed materials, suiting a variety of design styles.

We also understand that some projects require bespoke orders. We are happy to assist in any way to create workable solutions to your project and provide prompt and realistic production timeframes.

A Commitment to our


When it comes to being eco-friendly with products and building practices, there are challenges that are innately difficult for the building industry. The externalities from even a simple choice of product can be far reaching and cannot necessarily be quantified in full. We accept this notion as our starting point.

We don’t think it’s quite as easy as simply stamping a product with “eco-friendly” – as if it were so black and white. Instead, our focus is one of continuous improvement in looking for better practices and products as we consider the effects on our natural environment. And we’re happy to let you in on it too.

On all our products you’ll find information on the country of origin, supply chain practices and even linked articles for further reading on the industry wide conversation.

A Belief in


As much as we love good design and aesthetics (and believe me, we really do!), it’s also at the centre of our ethos that we’re a business with purpose. From our point of view, this isn’t just another box-ticking exercise. Instead, we’ve decided to build charitable donations into our business transactions as a way of supporting various global and domestic causes through B1G1.

B1G1 (Buy 1, Give 1) is a global business giving movement with a mission to enable businesses to engage in having a social impact through each transaction in a tangible way. As a member of B1G1, we have chosen to engage with impact projects from the lesser economically developed countries that some of our products originate from. This is our way of investing back into the communities that we have transacted with.

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